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The Tao3D platform

The future of digital communication is here! Taodyne has developped Tao3D, a unique software platform dedicated to real time 2D and 3D content creation and playback. Developing applications with Tao3D is much faster and simpler than with technologies such as HTML5. Tao3D will help you create innovative and spectacular visuals for a lasting impact.

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Attract attention to raise impact

Tao3D lets you create stunning and novel visual effects with all your media, including 2D and 3D movies, texts, photos, and more. Animate 2D movies and text in 3D space, create dynamic 3D text, playback 3D movies, and more! Studies show that 3D raises customer attention by almost 50%, with a "wow" effect that does not fade away. Choose 3D today to stand out and put yourself ahead of your competition..

Interact to engage customers

Tao3D’s real-time 3D engine offers a new kind of interactivity and immediacy. Display RSS feeds, weather information, tweets or live webcam feeds. Create serious games to explain your products, quizzes to poll your audience. Interactivity practically doubles message recollection. Let customer play with the screen using touch or even their own smartphones.

One content to wow them all!

Tao3D content plays back on Windows, Mac or Linux, on any 2D or 3D screen (even 4K or glasses-free 3D) Reduce deployment costs with its unique capability to convert between formats, e.g. play a stereo 3D movie on a 2D screen as well as an 8-view auto-stereo one. Tao3D makes the best of all your existing media including web pages, 3D models and big data.

Integrating with your infrastructure

Easy integration into existing infrastructure

Tao3D has been designed to easily fit into any type of CMS (Content Management System). It allows for seamless integration of 3D displays into existing supervision and monitoring systems and can be easily controlled remotely. For example, if you or your CMS updates a picture or text, the Tao3D screen updates instantly. You can even trigger more complex actions using a Telnet protocol. Your existing CMS will be able to monitor and control both your 2D and 3D screens at the same time.


Solutions in true 3D

Solutions in true 3D

Take advantage of interactive, real-time 3D today. Taodyne delivers turnkey and evolutive solutions which are more enjoyable for your customers, and help you be more effficient delivering your message. Using interactive 3D is like discovering color: a new palette opens up, with endless possibilities.

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Advertising networks

With the increasing number of 2D digital signage displays, people tend to walk by screens without paying much attention. Interactivity and 3D without glasses effectively combat this advertising blindness. Interactive 3D will attract attention and considerably improve awareness and impact of the content being delivered.

Point of sale

Advertise products directly in the store. Let your customers win coupons using interactive quizzes. An interactive virtual showcase in glasses-free 3D increases customer engagement and reduces costs. Help customers discover features and options, poll their opinion. Smartphone-based remote control lowers costs and applies to large outdoors screens.


Our virtual showcase solutions let museums or shops show true 360° photos. In glasses-free 3D, it's almost as if the object was there. No object is too small, too large or too valuable to show anymore. Let visitors browse your entire collection using a simple smartphone. And even if you show diamonds or high-end watches, stop paying those insane insurance premiums.

We work with your teams

Creation services

We work hand in hand with your marketing team or with your graphic agency to help you express yourself in your own style. We will create 3D designs that respect your existing graphics charter. We can advise you on maximizing the 3D impact of your content. Our unique technology lets us deliver great 3D content at highly competitive price. Moreover, all 3D content created with Tao3D can be played on 2D and 3D displays or projectors, without any expensive post-processing or re-encoding.

Creation services and turnkey solutions

Turnkey solutions

Taodyne can deliver complete turnkey solutions. We can work with you to help you define your project, deliver the required infrastructure needed, including highly-specialized equipment such as auto-stereoscopic 3D screens. We produce 3D content or, if you prefer, work with companies you are familiar with. Should it be your first experience with interactive 3D, no need to worry: we’ll take care of everything for you.

About the company

Taodyne develops Tao3D, a 3D multimedia software

What we do

Taodyne develops and sells Tao3D, a 3D multimedia software that brings immediacy and interactivity to 2D and 3D displays. Tao3D delivers stunning visual effects, group interactivity and enables a new class of interactive 3D contents. Tao3D allows you to present new products using 3D models, get feedback from a group using interactive quizzes or drive glasses-free 3D displays. Taodyne targets the market of digital business communications: advertising, trade shows, virtual showrooms, science, education or museums.

Taodyne develops Tao3D, a 3D multimedia software

How we do it

Taodyne’s disruptive technology works like the web, but in 3D: a document description language (similar to HTML) and an application that lets you view the documents (similar to a browser). Taodyne's real-time 3D rendering engine takes advantage of the latest advances in graphic cards to provide unique visual effects, animations and drawing capabilities. It is a universal platform for deploying contents that can run on any computer (PC, Mac, Linux) and any kind of display (2D, 3D, TV or projector, even 3D without glasses).

Taodyne develops Tao3D, a 3D multimedia software

Who we are

Taodyne was founded in 2011 by three Hewlett-Packard software engineers totalling more than 40 years of experience. Christophe de Dinechin has been Taodyne’s CEO since its creation. Laurent Andiazabal is heading sales and marketing from Paris.

Taodyne develops Tao3D, a 3D multimedia software

Where we work

Taodyne’s headquarters are located in Valbonne, a few minutes away from Nice, Cannes and the French Riviera, and the most beautiful village in the Sophia-Antipolis science park. These are all good reasons to visit us.

Contacting Taodyne

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