Dimenco/Philips 55-inch 3D display View full size
Dimenco/Philips 55-inch 3D display

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3D without glasses on a 55-inch display!

‘Big is beautiful’ especially holds for 3D displays. Hence, our 55” is top of the line with a superb 3D experience that will captivate the spectators without the need for 3D eyewear.

The 28-view 3D display ensures a extremely smooth 3D performance without any moiré or banding effects. Dimenco Displays offers an autostereoscopic 3D display, for professional applications, that provides  today’s best 3D viewing experiences by using unique technology. The slanted multi-view lenticular lens technology affords full brightness and full contrast and allows multiple users to view 3D content at the same time. Moreover, a true color representation is ensured by the lenticular lens technology. The display is based on a high resolution panel and thus enables great picture quality in 2D and 3D mode.

The integrated Dimenco rendering core which is based on advanced display signal-processing, offers content creators and end-users full control over the quality and depth-effect characteristics of the picture. The flexible 3D data format, in the form of 2D-plus-Depth, allows easy creation or adaptation of applications and content for the display.

This display uses the Dimenco/Philips 2D+Z technology, which combines a color map and a depth map to provide 3D information.