Which version is right for me?


 Tao3D LibreTao3D Pro
Real-time 3D presentation rendering engineOuiOui
Creates presentationsOuiOui
Downloads presentationsOuiOui
Number of pages per document5Unlimited
Displays on regular 2D screensOuiOui
Stereo 3D < HD (*)OuiOui
Displays 3D objectsOuiOui
Displays 2D moviesOuiOui
Decoding 3D moviesOuiOui
Special effectsOuiOui
Public or commercial useNonOui
Allows to sign documents for
Tao Player Pro edition
Shows signed presentations without a Taodyne logoNonOui
Dynamic document description languageOuiOui
Extensible (modules)OuiOui
Technical documentationOuiOui
Modules developement kit (SDK)OuiOui
Free updatesOuiOui
Stereo 3D >= HD (**)Eval.Eval.
Autostereo 3D (***)OptionOption

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The Eval modules are pre-installed, but shows a Taodyne logo until the corresponding licence is purchased. The other Options are available separately for purchase and download.

(*) 3D stereo (**) 3D stereo> = HD stereoscopic mode which each image resolution is (w> h = 1920> = 1080). For example: to a projector with DLPLink resolution> = 1920x1080 mode "frame sequential"

(***) 3D autostereo: 2D+Z, Alioscopy, Tridelity MV. Separated download (see modules). The free trial version shows the Taodyne logo and a layered text ("Unlicensed") after 5 minutes.