Published on 09/13/2012

Gitorious project for Tao Presentations demos

  • Gitorious project for Tao Presentations demos

There is now a project on Gitorious where we will host various sample documents for Tao Presentations.





Showing the USGS GeoRSS earthquakes database 

The first example uses the USGS GeoRSS database to show the location and magnitude of recent earthquakes. It does that using a similar technique to the way we load and display regular RSS feeds. The picture on the left shows the kind of output that you get.


Using Gitorious to share code

There are many benefits to using Gitorious. The source code is easily browseable on-line, as is its history. All these are familiar to Git users.

But another benefit is a feature of Tao Presentations that we didn't really talk about much so far. Tao Presentations can directly use Git to download files. The Gitorious URLs can be directly used in the File -> Open Network menu.

Furthermore, if Tao is installed on your machine, URLs beginning with tao:// will directly load in Tao Presentations. For example, this link can be used to directly download the latest version of the earthquakes example.


Happy sharing!

This project is open to our users. Please feel free to submit your contributions, your enhancements, whatever makes you tick or could be useful to the community.



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