Published on 04/27/2012

Displaying 3D objects

Displaying 3D objects with Tao Presentations is very easy. Thanks to the GLC-Lib library and to the Taodyne ObjectLoader module, Tao Presentations can directly read a large number of common 3D file formats. We will use this capability to read a 3DS file representing a 3D model of the NASA space shuttle.

Here is the entire code required for this very simple demo:

import ObjectLoader

clear_color 0,0,0,0
light 0
light_position 1000,1000,1000

adjust mouse_x, mouse_y
adjust MX:real, MY:real ->
    rotatex 0.5 * MY + 180
    rotatey 0.5 * MX
    scale 0.5, 0.5, 0.5

shuttle X -> "models/shuttle/" & X

object shuttle "shut.3ds"
object shuttle "door-prt.3ds"
object shuttle "door-stb.3ds"

translatex -500
object shuttle "eng.3ds"
    translatez 50
    object shuttle "rcs.3ds"
    translatez -50
    object shuttle "rcs.3ds"

Here is a useful tip for 3D geeks: a large number of 3D models of NASA space vehicles are available for download with a rather liberal usage licence.

This allows us to give a direct download link for a presentation that includes not just the code above, but also the 3D model itself. As a matter of fact, the original model will show up without textures, because the file names in the archive don't seem to match the names in the 3DS file exactly.

There are a number of applications for 3D models in presentations: product introductions, architecture, or simply to create a unique slide design. Just invent your own and share with us in the comments area.


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