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Integrated Systems Europe 2014 - Amsterdam

Come visit us at Integrated Systems Europe 2014
at the Amsterdam RAI, February 4-6, 2014, booth 8R305

We will be introducing Tao Presentations 2.0.

SimeSitem - Paris

Taodyne will demonstrate its museum offering at the SimeSitem
in the Carrousel du Louvre, January 28-30, 2014, booth A21.

Happy New Year!

Version 1.45 of Tao Presentations introduces a beautiful new theme called "White Christmas", with subtle drop shadows, smooth transitions, and gorgeous charts.

Creation services

Bring us your Powerpoint slides, or even just your ideas.
We will produce a complete interactive 3D presentation for
conferences, trade-shows, shops or museums.


Use amazing supports for your conferences, tailor-made for your story.
To evoke movies, we create animated movie reels and visual effects.

Trade shows

Attract and impress visitors with glasses-free 3D displays.
Collect information from visitors with quizzes and group games.

Luxury shops

Luxury brands such as de Beers already take advantage of
glasses-free 3D movies for their impact on shoppers.

What if you could go beyond movies? Taodyne lets you add interactivity.
Now shoppers can select what they want to see, and you can know who they are.

Museums and Arts

Present beautiful objects interactively in glasses-free 3D,
using high-quality 360° photographs and movies.

Better Presentations

Taodyne creates amazing 2D and 3D presentations.

  • Better visual impact and special effects
  • More interactivity for presenter and groups
  • A great freedom in storytelling and navigation

3D helps you explain faster

Present new products from all angles, interactively.
Take advantage of our instinctive understanding of 3D objects.

Effects enhance your story

Show amazing effects and animations that enhance your story.
To evoke winter, show falling snow. To evoke water, show interactive ripples.

Interacting is understanding

Explain the most complex topics easily by making them interactive.
Show real-time simulations based on realistic mathematical models.

Group interactivity

We offer solutions to let people vote, answer quizzes, play games.
Make people participate, give feedback, have fun, all in real-time.

Big Data

Make sense of millions or billion of data points in interactive 3D.
Discover and show the information and structures hidden in your data.

Glasses-free 3D

Amaze visitors with glasses-free 3D. Stand out, literally.
Show objects floating in mid-air, enhance them with real-time information.

Creations and use cases

Unique effects to grab attention

We create transitions and animations that are unique to your presentation,
and were created specificaly to enhance the story you asked us to tell.

New ways to explain

Reveal information little by little, to make it easier to understand.
Highlight key points as needed to make them stand out.

Make these bullets fly

New effects dynamize your existing graphic charter to catch the eye.
Even modest bullet points can be animated in new and interesting ways.

Add depth to your shows

We turn existing 2D themes into 3D animations that respect your brand.
On 3D displays, you get a whole new dimension to highlight, reveal and more.

Everything in 3D and real-time

Complex visuals in 3D and in real-time can show more information.
You can update pictures or texts instantly, even while the show is running.

From data to understanding

Animate curves and graphs to make viewers understand your story faster.
Show very large data sets interactively, without obscuring the understanding.

Tools for Developers

For developers, we offer Tao, an extensive 3D document description language
which helps you build smart, sophisticated presentations quickly.

Software downloads Learn the language

Real-time 3D rendering enginer

import ObjectLoader
light 0
light_position 1000, 1000, 1000
rotatey 10 * time
rotatex -95
object "models/car.obj"

Tao Presentations features a complete 3D rendering engine
taking advantage of your graphic card for real-time rendering.
Now you can use 3D graphics for something else than videogames.

Simple code, great effect

main_title_slide "Main title",
    text "Water, the blue gold"
        text "Some facts"

Tao lets you describe documents at a high level (slide, title, etc).
You can focus on the message more than on the code.
Themes and module let you get great effects with little effort.

Add your own concepts

clock -> 
    color "black" 
      rotate_z -6 * minutes - 0.1 * seconds 
      rectangle 0, 100, 15, 250 

      rotate_z -30 * hours - 0.5 * minutes 
      rectangle 0, 50, 15, 150 

      color "red" 
      rotate_z -6 * seconds 
      rectangle 0, 80, 10, 200 
      circle 0, 0, 12 
      circle 0, 180, 25 

Tao is a complete programming language, letting you extend your vocabulary.
The -> operator (which reads as Transforms into), defines new notations.
It can define functions like clock, variables, even operators.
Tao is a reactive language: documents react to time, mouse, keyboard, etc...

Loops and automation

draw_curve Color, Width, Curve ->
    for x in -150..150 loop
        line_to 2*x, 100*y

draw_curve "green", 2, { y := sin (x * 0.2) }

Documents can easily include computations, loops, iterations and tests.
Don't belabor documents. Let the computer do the work for you.
Tao is a functional language. draw_curve takes code as its argument.

GPU programming

  fragment_shader_file "bluewall-clock.fs"
shader_set time := page_time
shader_set hours := hours + minutes / 60.0

Use advanced real-time visual effects and animations by
programming the graphic card directly with GLSL

Developer resources

Check out our various tutorials
Read our reference documentation
Connect with us on our forum
Software downloads Learn the language

Do you want to know more?

Please don't hesitate to contact us directly, or call us at +33 982 263 292.

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You want Taodyne to
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You want to create
amazing presentations yourself

Credits and special thanks

  • Reveal.js by hakimel
  • Shader code by Inigo Quilez, srtuss, fizzer, @301z.
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